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Yes. Size Does Matter

The Big Box Stores do it. FedEx, UPS and even the stodgiest, lumpiest institution of all, the U.S. Post Office all do it. It’s 21st century agility, it comes in all flavors, shapes and sizes and it goes by the common name of “scalability.” Is your business scalable? What does scalability even mean? The key […]

Think Fast

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “What can they take?” Most of the time, the call comes from a panicked business owner in the midst of a collection action. To answer, let’s consider an all-too-familiar scenario where a small business owner ignores past due invoices and repeated phone calls from a creditor attempting […]

Resolving IRS Penalties and Interest

Emerge180 Helps Handle Financial Debts “We help alleviate the financial stress and anxiety business owners face,” says Jonathan Field, CEO of Emerge180. “We often see companies that are behind with their creditors, are also behind with their taxes.  That is why we have a full service tax division dedicated to helping businesses.” Several different penalties […]

Understanding Tax and Debt Terms

Emerge180 Helps Negotiate with Creditors “When company debts add up, it’s important to understand the terms used by creditors,” says Jonathan Field, CEO of Emerge180. His company provides expert help to businesses in financial crisis. A quick list of some of the common terms enables business owners to discuss the challenges that come with overdue […]